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10 Nov 2023
Full time
  • Formulates and tests operational problems of programs and applications related to the use of hardware, databases, and programming techniques.
  • Ability to design CSS and HTML web pages.
  • Maintains and modifies software and applications, makes recommended modifications per company policy and management directives, and adjusts for changes in how data is processed or encoded.
  • Discusses with users of programs and applications to understand the required changes or modifications to existing programs and answer questions regarding the uses of programs, data entry, the format needed for outputs, the result of inputs, and control tools.
  • Tests and develops programming modifications.
  • Ability to implement and fix software, application, and coding problems.
  • Ability to work on C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP languages.
  • Evaluate the internal relationships between programs and determine whether a change in one of its parts will cause an unwanted change in other related parts.
  • Writes and develops reports on programs.
  • Analyzes internal network programs and ensures their compliance with company requirements.
  • University Degree in Programming


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