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Series 4 Smart Integrated Oven A+ NV7B41403AK 70LEnjoy deliciously juicy, but crispy food when using natural steam, it is simple place the dedicated tray on the bottom of the oven, you can pour water onto it, so it helps retain food's natural moisture.You can use...

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NV7B42503AK Series 4 Smart Oven with Dual Cook A+ 60cmDual Cook’s upper and lower zones work independently or together, the upper zone for smaller dishes, both together to prepare a variety of dishes with different settings, or the whole oven for large dishes.Air Sous Vide system...

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Electric Oven with Dual Fan (Twin Fan), 68LDual Fans spin opposite ways to spread heat Fastly and evenly throughout the oven, so all dishes are cooked at the same temperature and speed. It also more energy efficient.Easy cleaning with a catalytic system, the catalytic liner...

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C61R2AEE Electric Ceramic Hob 60 cm with 4 burnersThe powerful heating elements and radiant heat of the surface ensure that the rings heat up quickly and that dishes are cooked thoroughly and evenly.After the heat is off, an ‘H’ shape afterheat indicator shows you whether...

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NQ5B4353FBK Series 4 Smart Compact Oven 50LCook or warm-up food much faster and more evenly using the Solo microwave mode.Faster oven cooking and deliciously crisp and tasty food. As well as being a general convection oven it also includes a “stirrer” microwave that cooks or...