Logistics Coordinator APPLY NOW

10 Nov 2023
Full time
  • Identify the risks associated with the department and the control mechanism.
  • Coordination with the branches and departments to ensure the proper and timely transportation of their requirements for equipment and materials and their arrival at the appropriate time, whether by company vehicles or transportation companies
  • Coordination between the purchasing department and warehouse values to ensure that purchases can be received from the supplier and unloaded into the warehouse promptly.
  • Organizing the movement of company vehicles to ensure transportation and distribution between branches and from the main warehouse to the components correctly and precisely to ensure that they deliver their requirements promptly and without delay.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with the warehouse supervisor to ensure that unloading and loading operations are carried out correctly and accurately.
  • Securing transport companies and coordinating with them to secure transport movement between branches in a controlled manner and without delay in transport, receipt, and delivery operations
  • Ensure that all operations are carried out in the department are documented by the company’s procedures.
  • Time management and organization skills
  • Teamwork.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • Ability to Work under pressure.
  • Good computer skills, especially accounting and warehouse programs
  • Proficiency in English language
  • At least one year in the same field of work
  • University Degree


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